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Accuhorsemat® is an acupressure blanket for horses. It increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins so that your horse relaxes and feels better. When using the blanket before riding, the muscles relax and a tense horse will calm down. This makes it quicker and easier to get started.

Using Accuhorsemat® after training, the horse's muscles recover faster and at the same time it gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Tense muscles mean that the horse may experience pain. Overcompensating through movements can be harmful to the body and can be the cause of a shortened stride length. It can also affect muscle growth. Our tests show that Accuhorsemat® calms horses and relaxes the muscles, meaning your horse feels relaxed and better.


What benefits does the acupressure blanket offer your horse?

  1. prevents muscle-related problems

  2. prevents movement disorders

  3. relieves the pain

  4. reduces muscle pain

  5. soothes tense muscles

  6. gives a better and faster recovery

  7. releases beneficial endorphins “feel-good hormones” that work both mentally and physically

What are the advantages of the Accuhorsemat® as a rider/trainer?

  1. the horse's muscles become flexible and warm

  2. the warmup time decreases

  3. the horse responds better to commands

  4. the horse goes to work more positively from the start

  5. Accuhorsemat® relieves tension and makes the horse more harmonious

  6. the horse's movements are smoother and lighter

There are 2 types

Each Accuhorsemat® set contains 1 blanket, 1 hindquarter acupressure mat, 2 shoulder acupressure mats and a matching bag to store the blanket.

Acupressure is an ancient method of relaxation and pain relief that stimulates acupuncture points along the body's energy pathways called meridians.


Accuhorsmat standard

Cotton blanket


Accuhorsemat Cooler

Perforated blanket

Would you like more information?

Feel free to send a message for additional information.

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