JULIAN & JONES® – Where sport, science and innovation meet!

JULIAN & JONES® has been established by a dynamic group of people with a passion for horses. All have practiced equestrian sports at top level and having an extensive experience as professional equine-nutritionists.

JULIAN & JONES® – team has observed, advised and worked with breeders, trainers and riders all over the world. Combining this in-dept knowledge with extensive and continued cooperations with veterinarians, pharmaceutical experts and regulatory specialists has allowed JULIAN & JONES® to develop a unique range of products that stand out in its segment.

Each JULIAN & JONES® product has been extensively tested before being released for use. We use the best available technology to ensure optimal effectiveness of our products. No compromises have been made to quality and safety. The packaging is designed for a better user experience.

JULIAN & JONES® works worldwide with reliable and professional partners that share the same high demands regarding their products and service to their customers.

Whether your horse is in good health and you want to optimize its performance, or if it is suffering from a specific health problem that needs supplementation or prevention, or possibly you just want to have some general advice…

JULIAN & JONES ® will help you find the right solution for every situation. Please feel free to contact us if you need any extra advice.

Catalog: https://www.equipona.com/pdf/julian&jones.html

JULIAN & JONES® products contain only the purest-quality and high-bioavailable ingredients in a balanced formula.

Doping is an ever increasing worry in the horse world.

JULIAN & JONES® stands for high-quality products which can be used safely within the rules of the FEI and Jockey Club.

Verify the Anti-doping Certificates relating to anti-doping analyses on our website www.julianandjones.com.
We are happy to provide you with the technical specifications or Anti-doping Certificates relating to anti-doping analyses of our products. Please email us at info@julianandjones.com.

All our pharmaceutical procedures guarantee the quality and conservation of both ingredients and products, while precise formulas prove the superior effectiveness of the products that make JULIAN & JONES® stand out.