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Automatisez votre process d'alimentation pour les chevaux, les chiens, ...

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Alimentation automatique
Des céréales, mélange, du foin, des carottes, ...
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Traitements personnalisés
Garder vos chevaux flexibles et en pleine forme!
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Accuhorsemat Acuswedemat
La couverture de l'acupression pour vous et vos chevaux!
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Julian and Jones supplementen
Where sport, science and innovation meet!
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Who We Are

Equipona strives to bring out the best in your horse, both physically and mentally. Because the horse is the most important aspect of a rider!

We cooperate with companies in Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, …

The Equipona Team


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Peter Vanherck

Owner Equipona

Automatic feeders
Acupressure & sportmassage

Ellen Bollaerts

Owner Lille Stables

Revalidation center for horses
Osteopathy, acupressure

+32 479 267 241

Helen Wielockx

Owner Visseneynd Stables

Acupressure & sportmassage

+32 475 364 601

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

Henry Ford

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