About Accuhorsemat®

Accuhorsemat® is a clever acupressure rug for use on horses. It increases blood flow, relaxes muscles and releases beneficial endorphins, so your horse relaxes and feels better.

Using the rug before riding relaxes the muscles and calms tense horses – making it easier to get to work. Using Accuhorsemat® after training helps the horse’s muscles to recover more quickly and at the same time gives a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Taut muscles mean that the horse can experience pain, overcompensate with movements that are harmful to the body, develop a shorter stride length and have impaired muscle growth. Our tests show that Accuhorsemat® makes horses calmer and relaxes the muscles, which means your horse relaxes and feels better.

Accuhorsemat owns registered patents in Sweden and the USA and designpattern registration 2011/0190 within the EU.

Royal Blue/Gold Large (81″ and up, 155 cm and up)

Royal Blue Medium (72″-78″, 125-145 cm)

Purple Small (63″-69″, 110-125 cm)

In each Accuhorsemat set you’ll get 1 designed
blanket, 1 hindquarter acupressure mat, 2 shoulder acupressure mats and a matching bag for storage.