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Welcome to Equipona


Our feeders provide the right
quality and quantity.

For over 15 years Equipona and B&B-Equipment have been developing feeding techniques that support and maintain the health of your horses. Our feeding systems can be adapted to the natural eating behavior of the horses. This ensures healthy, happy animals and a relaxed atmosphere in the stable between the horses. By using our machines, the barn operation can be operated more economically. There is no unnecessary feed loss and there are fewer personnel costs when feeding.

Types of automatic feeders

Concentrates, Lucerne,  Hay,  ...


Our automated feeding system which can feed cereals, chunks, muesli, alfalfa,… throughout the day in frequent and personalized doses. So your horse also gets food when you are not there.


A robust hay distributor. You can determine when and for how long the horses can eat hay. You can also choose to moisten the hay at every feeding time.


A simple robust hay distributor. You can determine the times at 

which you wish to give a fixed amount of hay.

Durable feeders made entirely of stainless steel

35% savings
possible on feed
50% less colic
70% less ulcers

Ideal for horses with allergies or COB thanks to hay humidification

Depending on the type, up to 40 feeding moments can be set

The machines can also work on solar energy in combination with a battery

Products in the spotlight

Only the best is good enough!

Mineralen verdelen.jpeg

Power feeder Senior

This feeder can distribute hay substitutes and senior feeds such as B. PreAlpin Senior or meadow flakes.

Optionally, a trough with integrated irrigation system can be purchased.  At every feeding moment the feed is can be moistened. Prevent colic or stuffy throat and make everyday life even more pleasant for you and your retired friend.

PowerFeeder 60L incl. supplements

This automatic concentrate feeder can contain up to 60 liters of concentrate. In addition, a separate reservoir can be connected to distribute supplements.  

A nice combination to meet the daily feed needs of your horses.


Better 12 small portions of 250 gr.
than 3 large portions of 1kg.

Automate your feeding process?
Then we are the right partner for you!

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