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Automatic feeder pets

You can leave the house with peace of mind to go to work, shopping,... Your four-legged friend will never be short of food or water.


All types of dry food at programmed times and in individually set portions! 


Also very suitable for breeders and kennels to automate much of the work in the kennel.

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-16 om 20.56.33.png


  1. Accurate and reliable feeding moments

  2. Healthy, small amounts of food

  3. Prevents stress feed

  4. Flexibility

  5. Accurate and reliable

There are several types

Ground model, 1 reservoir for chunks (1 animal)

Ground model, 2 reservoirs, 1 for chunks and 1 for water (1 to 2 animals)

Wall model, 1 reservoir up to 3 exits (1 to 3 animals)

Wall model, 2 reservoirs for different types of chunks with 2 exits (for 1 to 2 animals)


Ground model chunks


Ground model chunks & water


Wall model chunks

Would you like more information?

Feel free to send a message for additional information.

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